Author: molotovmollies

Thank You to All Our Fans and Supporters!

We are so excited!

It has been an amazing experience launching our new troupe the Molotov Mollies with you! In just the first 24 hours we received over 300 likes on our facebook fanpage! In one week your shares have put our posts in front of over 5,000 people! You have made us feel so humbled and welcomed! We can not express enough how thankful we are for all of you ragtag Wastelanders who have welcomed us with your likes, comments, shares, offers of camp space, offers of booze. It’s been overwhelming how amazing and wonderful you all are!

I want to give a specific call out to some of our biggest supporters: Citybuster and the Juggers; Revrend Lawless, Skitzo, Molly Tov, Amber Martin and the End of Days crew; Wasted Saints; Sharkey and the Petro Pirates; Cub, Porkchop, and all of Ward 19; Nuclear Bombshells; The Sheriff; Wild Mule and the Pugs; The Baron; Margo Martinet; and so many more! Whether it’s through shares or personal messages, you all have been welcoming, supportive, and just the best!


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